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Side effects of high blood pressure

There are many side effects of high blood pressure that are deadly.

Our complete body is irrigated by blood which flows through many arteries and veins. Blood carries oxygen rich blood to the organs and takes away the oxygen depleted blood to be oxygenated in the lungs. It is the heart that pumps blood throughout the body and it is the heart that regulates the pressure the blood must flow at to irrigate the body effectively.

When a person has low blood pressure organs, like the brain, do not receive enough oxygen to perform their functions and many times they fail because of this. On the other hand when the person has high blood pressure, too much blood is flowing through the body with greater strength than it is necessary. Major arteries and veins have large diameters and are strong and resistant.  As these divide and separate going towards specific organs, and once inside the organs they become very tiny, delicate blood vessels which may rupture and break easily.

Once of the side effects of high blood pressure is that high blood pressure produces the rupture and damage of these tiny blood vessels. Any pressure above 120/80 is considered high blood pressure which can, if sustained for some time, cause permanent damage to various organs. These include the heart, brain, lungs, liver, kidneys and eyes, all of these are essential for life, with the exception of the eyes. Blood pressure above 140/90 is considered high and will, with time cause organ damage and even death if uncontrolled.

One of the main side effects of high blood pressure is having heart attacks. These can be mild and serve as a warning but they can also be severe and cause great damage and death. When a heart attack occurs the main muscles in the heart tear and blood stops flowing to the body. Other organs are affected immediately when blood stops following to them, specially the brain. Oxygen feeds the brain and the lack of fresh blood flowing to eat will cause brain damage and will cause the brain eventually to die if the situation persists.

Another danger of high blood pressure is an arterial aneurysm; this is a rupture in an artery which allows the blood to flow out into the body cavities unchecked. The pressure from the rupture will continue dropping until the pump, the heart, stops and the person dies. This does not always happen; it depends on the size and importance of the artery that ruptures. When this happens, for example, in the aorta death will occur within minutes due to the huge amounts of blood that flow through this artery.

Another very possible consequence of high blood pressure is blindness of one or both eyes. The eyeball has a very delicate pressure balance inside and when this balance is increased the vision starts to blur. If this condition continues, again, blood vessels can tear and the rise and produce an internal hemorrhage that will eventually lead to blindness in the affected eye or both.

Keeping control of blood pressure is not hard, it takes a few minutes every day and a person can do it at home. Equipment to measure blood pressure is sold to the public and it does not require any medical experience or knowledge to use. The person doesn’t even need to interpret anything the machine will give the person the numbers for his or her pressure and that is all. No big problem or complication. On the other hand if this problem is not taken care of with medication and proper diet and control, the consequences will be serious and devastating.

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