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Promotional KeyChains: Engraved Or Imprinted?

Nobody leaves house without keys and keychains as they are required several times in a day, both in offices and in homes. Today businesses have an option of engraved keychains or printed keychains. Both of these keychains for women from AmericanCoinTreasures.com come with their own set of advantages.

When you want to make a lasting impression, you cannot go wrong with laser engraved keys. They look so elegant and are durable. They can easily outlast any plastic keychain. Although they may cost you more than plastic versions, but once you invest in them, they would continue to promote your brand for years.

The laser engraving in metal can withstand wear and tear and are also preferred by the recipients. If you want to consider something and valuable for your select customers, you can also consider coins for collectors, or gold coin pendant as they view the varities here look great.

However, if you want to be within your budget and are not interested in spending too much on your promotional gift, you can consider plastic keychains. Best thing about them is that they are available in choicest of colors and are available in hundreds of designs. They have large surface area and can be printed with your company details and name.

Lastly, price is the main factor that will influence your decision. Most reasonably priced keychains are plastic ones and you can really cover thousands of recipients even with your small marketing budget. Many companies offer discounts in printing charges if you order a bulk quantity. Similarly many sellers will print and mobile number without any charge, but may charge for custom logo.

Shipping is also an important factor when deciding on promotional keyrings. Plastic keyrings are lighter so you won’t have to pay a huge amount as shipping cost. On the other hand, metal keyrings are heavy and their shipping may cost you more.

So, just have a look at your budget and see if you can manage some extra money required for laser engraved keyrings. You can also order a mix of plastic and metal keyrings to broaden your campaign. All in all, campaigning with keyrings is a smart strategy and will pay you for a very long time. As long as your company details are there on these rings, you are in the game!

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