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Pregnant Women Can Have At Most 8 Glasses of Alcoholic Drinks A Week

A research from Denmark found out that it is safe for pregnant women to have at most 8 glasses of alcohol drinks in a week during early period of pregnancy. So for pregnant women who love to drink, this is something new.  Studies also shows that drinking within the 8 glasses limit will be safe and pose no negative effects to the attention, IQ (intelligence) and control of children (aged 5).

However, drinking more than 8 glasses was in association with children (aged 5) having lower self control. Nevertheless, their intelligence are still in similar range to kids of women whom drink within the 8 glasses limit. It was defined that 1 standard glass of alcoholic drink should compose of 12 grams of alcohol(pure). In other words, the findings shows that pregnant lady should keep to a limit of consuming 96 grams of pure alcohol in a week.

While it’s safe to consume at most 8 glasses of alcoholic drink in a week, researchers and doctors said that it is not advisable. Pregnant women should always strive to avoid alcohol during their pregnancy period. Look through this page for details on this topic. Excessive drinking during pregnancy will linked to development issues in the child. Pregnant women should be more disciplined.

This recommendation was given by Howard LeWine, Harvard Health Publications, who said that only a small sample size of the participants for the studies. Due to this small sample size, it is unlikely to gather a more convincing result and he still stand by his recommendation.

pregnant wt baby Pregnant Women Can Have At Most 8 Glasses of Alcoholic Drinks A Week

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