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Looking Straight at You

Many babies are born with lazy eyes or eyes that go in rather than looking out straight at people or objects. It is an easy diagnosis and can be rectified with strabismus surgery to produce Straight Eyes for the baby.

Having the eye surgery done is a very simple procedure and can be done as an outpatient. Being an outpatient saves on money and the patient is allowed to go back home after a short recovery time in the recovery area of the hospital or doctor’s office. Some people think that by having this type of eye surgery that their eye or eyes will have to be taken out for a short period of time. This is not true, the eyes stay intact where they are to be and small cuts or incisions are made in the eye or eyes to release the tension of the membrane that is not allowing the eye or eyes to move around properly or to focus properly. Once the surgery has been done, the eye doctor will make sure the eyes are functioning properly on periodical vision examinations.

Before eye surgery is recommended many eye doctors will recommend a strong eye glass lens to help strengthen the eye or eyes. They might even suggest that vision therapy is started to correct the problem with the eye or eyes. It is worth the effort to try out the glasses and vision therapy before the surgery just to make sure that every opportunity was given a chance. When either one of these particular suggestions do not prove to be working, that is when the eye doctor will recommend the surgical procedure.

No matter what surgical procedure is done whether it be with eyes, nose, ears, teeth or any part of the body there is always a risk and the parents of a minor child who is having eye surgery needs to be aware of any of the risks during the surgical procedure and after the surgical procedure. The surgical area needs to be kept clean and dry and any redness or swelling that is noticed needs to be brought to the attention of the eye doctor right away. By following the doctor’s orders the eyes will soon be looking straight and clear.


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