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How To Avoid Traveler’s Diarrhea?

Are you planning for a trip either abroad or out of town? Traveling is one of the best things you can enjoy in life. This is especially true if you are planning to have an out of the country travel. It is undeniable that anyone going for a trip is often excited and anxious of many things. People are always excited of the idea of going for a trip, of experiencing another culture, seeing beautiful, exciting places, and meeting new friends. However, in any trip there is also one thing you might fear to encounter: the bacteria. Experiencing new culture and places may also come with some disadvantages including contracting bacteria and diseased which can make you ill while on the trip.

It is a fact that the water system and food preparation procedures and standard in other countries may not be as stringent compared in your own place. This may pose some problems and can even cause some unwanted bumps along your exciting trip. There are ways to make your trip more enjoyable allowing you to have healthy and fun journey.

Signs And Symptoms Of E Coli Diarrhea 225x300 How To Avoid Travelers Diarrhea?Some of the basic advice any travelers should head before embarking into a trip.

While on a trip avoid drinking just any local water. This may cause some problems and may even lead to diarrhea. Try to drink only sterilized water, bottled water, and carbonated or chlorinated water.

  1. Try not to add ice to your drinks. It is a fact that bacteria are not destroyed even with alcohol.
  2. Street vendors may be an exciting sight and trying the food might be a good adventure to do. However, try to take some precautions. Food sold in the street may have not followed the healthy food preparation procedures and you might end up suffering from diarrhea. Moreover, street foods are usually sitting in the stands for a long period of time without proper refrigeration facilities. This might jeopardize the freshness of the food products sold.
  3. It always helps if you dine at reputable restaurants and hotels. These establishments are most likely to conform to international standards of handling and preparing food. So will feel safer and healthier with these types of restaurants.
  4. While on a trip always remember to not eat undercooked meat. One of the most common sources of food borne-disease is undercooked ground beef. Always make sure to eat foods which are completely cooked and never undercooked.
  5. If you love to eat fruits, choose those kinds which have rinds like oranges, melon, and banana.

Finally, if you feel uneasy, suffers from diarrhea, experience fever or sweats you might want to consult a physician to make sure everything is ok. Enjoy your trip and stay healthy while abroad.


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  • Thanks for the excellent tips. I enjoyed reading this post. I’d like to offer another simple option to avoid travelers diarrhea – probiotics. Not just any probiotics, but a strain that has been studied that shows reduced diarrhea. It is important to start the probiotics before your trip, continue them during and even a few days after you return from your trip. I do a lot of travel to central america and have found that the Traveler’s Formula from ProbioticsMD has worked very well for me. I’ve tried a few other brands but ProbioticsMD worked best for me. Most travelers diarrhea is caused by the organism enterotoxigenic E. coli. It is found in water and is the most common reason for diarrhea. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the additional information. I will try the traveler’s formula next time when i go overseas.

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