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How Does Regular Exercise Benefit Your Mental Health?

More and more people each year are diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, depression, cancer, etc. All these diseases are life threatening, but have you noticed one common thing from all of them? They all root from bad lifestyle and inactivity. With the kind of lifestyle most us live today, it is not surprising that the number of cases of these diseases are increasing. Each year, more children lose their parents due to heart attack, stroke and other related disease. If you love your family that much, it is time for you to take a step back and identify what kind of life you’re in, and if you think it is an unhealthy lifestyle, then it would be better for you to change your ways not just for your self but most specially for your loved ones.

Balanced diet, good lifestyle and exercise are the only things that you should observe. But we all know they are not that easy to follow, however we also know that the benefits of these things are worth the sacrifices.

Regular Exercise 300x249 How Does Regular Exercise Benefit Your Mental Health?Regular exercise makes a huge impact in one’s life. Many studies show that people who regularly exercise are not just physically healthy, but psychologically healthy as well. This article will sort some of the mental benefits one can get from exercise.

We know that regular exercise can keep us healthy as it burn unwanted fats that have accumulated in the body. Also, exercises can don’t just strengthen our major muscles and show muscles, as cardiovascular exercises strengthen our lungs and heart. A healthy lungs and heart will be able to distribute necessary amount of oxygen to other parts of the body. Also, when we exercise, we are actually boosting our immune system and improve our endurance from most types of sickness. Regular exercises lower the risk of injuries and endurance from infections and disease-causing viruses.

A person who exercises regularly is more alert and has higher energy level than those who do not. Thus, he or she is more productive each day. This mental alertness and higher energy can be achieved through 30- 45 minutes of cardio exercises such as biking, walking, running, swimming and aerobics.

Also, exercise is a good sleep inducer. Those who regularly suffer from sleep insomnia are usually advised to exercise for them to get a healthy sleep and regular each night.

One of the most important contributions of regular exercise to the body goes more than the physical level. As you notice, people who are regularly active feel good about themselves, as they feel healthier and more powerful. Those who exercise are in good shape, thus they feel confident. When we feel good we actually release a certain hormone from our body which contributes to good mood, this hormone is called endorphin. This hormone can also keep us from anxiety, stress and depression.


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