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Healthy vs white teeth

When it come to dental health, many people are primarily focused on keeping their teeth white and clean looking. Of course, most of us know to brush two or three times a day, and to try our best towss floss regularly, etc. However, as far as what is most important to people, appearance can often eclipse actual health where teeth are concerned. This isn’t entirely surprising – after all, a nice white smile can work wonders for a person’s appearance, and can also be easy to achieve. All you need to do is purchase a whitening kit in a nearby drug store or do some research at a site like and you can begin to go about whitening your teeth in a quick and effective manner. However, it is important to understand the differences between keeping your teeth white and keeping them healthy!


white teeth Healthy vs white teeth

Of course, to some extents, white and healthy can be synonymous. For example, teeth that are visibly discolored or stained are rarely healthy (though it is true that some people’s teeth simply aren’t as naturally white as others’). However, you can have white teeth that are not necessarily healthy on the inside. If you do not take good care of your mouth, and your only concern for improvement is in the shade of your teeth, you can go about bleaching them, essentially covering up the fact that they are discolored or unsightly. However, this isn’t actually fixing the core of the problem. A good way to further explore this issue is to consider the effects of different substances on your teeth; for example, take coffee and sodax.
Both coffee and soda are known to have staining effects on teeth, just as they would have on any fabric, etc. This means that both coffee and soda can, slowly but surely, taint the color of your teeth and keep them from staying white. This is a problem, as mentioned, that can be solved by bleaching or easy whitening kits fairly quickly – and, in some cases, that is really all that is needed. For example, coffee stains are generally only on the surface, and have to do mostly with a light covering on the visible portion of your teeth. By contrast, substances like soda can stain your teeth and also have more acidic properties, meaning that they actually break down your tooth enamel to some extent. This means that not only are they affecting your teeth’s color, but they are also affecting the interior strength and health of your teeth. With this understood, you should be very careful not to mistake deeper problems for simple stains – just be mindful of what you are eating and drinking, and remember that white doesn’t necessarily equal healthy.

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