Lookhealthy is a health rate my paper content provider do my essay for me that aims to provide the public with informative, useful and reliable health articles. We have thousands of viewer-ship and we are building a community ranging from doctors, nurses, health experts & professional to nutritionist and health bloggers.

To provide quality health articles, we are consistently looking for experts to join the community and contribute to the public.

Range of Topics

  • Condition Tips
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Illness Issues
  • Hair Loss
  • Fitness & Training
  • Parenting
  • Dating
  • Stress Management
  • Weight Loss & Slimming Down
  • Beauty & Skincare

How to Sign Up As A Contributer?

  1. Register an account here.
  2. Go to and create a profile. (Mandatory to use personal photo)
  3. Login and update your profile biography.
  4. Send us an email to review your account.
  5. Wait for confirmation email.

We review all the contributors accounts manually. So, wait for a 2 to 3 working days before reapplying.

Guidelines for Submission

To have a  higher approval percentage rate, please make sure your article follows our submission guidelines. This guideline is set to ensure quality control of the health articles.

  • Contain no hyperlinks.
  • At least 300 words.
  • Well written article in good english.
  • Contributor’s profile biography and personal photo must be updated.
  • Article must be well researched and unique. Please cite references if any.
  • Article cannot be published elsewhere.

Why Contribute in Lookhealthy?

In return for your contributions, you can gain maximum exposure of your article to a massive pool of readers in the health sector. It can also be a good alternative to gain publicity for your blog/websites or businesses.

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