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American Coin: A Great Place for Gifts

Among our many unique and rare coins, American Coin Treasures carries a collection of interesting items, all in some way coin inspired. They’d make great gifts for coin collectors and laymen. Gift a coworker or a loved one. If not a coin enthusiast, then surprise someone that loves money. American Coin has knives, key chains, religious items, as well as the best money clips and belt buckles.

Belt Buckles

There are some great finds in our belt buckles. We have a Buffalo Nickel Belt Buckle. The buckle features an image of a Native American chief, offset by actual Buffalo nickels on each side. These coins were minted between 1913 and 1938. The stones are turquoise and garnet. Our Morgan Silver Dollar Belt Buckle utilizes one of the rarest and most valuable collectibles of the last 25 years. The Morgan dates as far back as 1878. Many of them were melted down in the late 20th century. We’ve encased one in rich black enamel and sealed it in acrylic to protect the finish. It has a western motif, framed in nickel silver.

Money Clips

For the coin collector and money lover, we have a series of money clips. Regardless of a person’s tastes, there’s something that will put a smile on their face. We have pieces that are humorous, elegant and inspiring. The Brass Train Stamp Money Clip is highlighted with an authentic three cent U.S. stamp. It was released in 1944 in recognition of the 75th anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad. Encased in a gold plated clip, the stamp is in mint condition. Put a smile on someone during the holidays. The Colorized JFK Half Dollar Santa Coin should fit the bill. It’s a gold tone money clip encasing a JFK half dollar that has a colorized St. Nick on its face. The exquisite Money Clip with Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar is layered in pure gold. The Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar was minted during 1916–1947. It’s a silver toned and classic clip that would be appreciated by any professional. Find many here.


American Coin is a treasure trove of gifts. Whether it’s getting a child to explore the fascinating world of coin collecting or presenting a colleague with a unique surprise, we have something for everyone. We have novelties, clocks, men and women’s jewelry and, of course, coins of all types. We’d love it if you took a second to pursue AmericanCoinTreasures.com.

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