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15 Tips for a Diabetic Patient – Cure by Naturopathy

  1. He is asked to get up early in the morning, clean his teeth with Herbal tooth powder instead of tooth paste of any kind, and do some exercise for 30 to 40 minutes daily. Because by exercise he can burn the stored sugar.
  2. He should not take artificial stimulants like tea, coffee which in the long run may lead to nervous debility.
  3. He should take GERMINATED fenugreek with green gram, plus a little raw coconut for break-fast, so that he gets the required amount of fiber. When a diabetic patient gets natural fiber, there will be retarded release of sugar into his blood stream and so his pancreas will not have to strain much and ultimately it will be able to perform better.
  4. He should abstain from taking any snacks or artificial stimulants between breakfast and lunch. Instead, he can have butter milk or vegetable soup or lemon or tomato juice.
  5. For lunch, he should compulsorily take about 300 grams of vegetable salad. In salad cucumber, carrot, coriander leaves, cabbage, raw coconut etc., can be added and taken just before lunch. After that he can take a vegetarian lunch. By this method of SALAD and then cooked food, the principle of Retarded release of sugar is maintained.
  6. He should abstain from taking any snacks or artificial stimulants in the evening and instead he can take vegetable juice or vegetable soup.
  7. He should take his dinner early, say by 7.30 P.M. and no food of any kind after that.
  8. He should go to bed by 9.30 or 10.00 p.m. so that his pancreas and other internal organs get the required rest. Yes, only by complete rest during the night, can our internal organs recuperate in a peaceful ambience and get ready for the next day’s busy task. Here rest means physical as well as mental rest, for which our body will be yearning.
  9. He should not indulge in the luxury of watching the TV after 10.00 p.m.
  10. From dawn to dusk, he should always be on the move. He should always do some simple exercises. Instead of a lift, he can use a stair case. Instead of using an intercom, he can go in person to a colleague next room. If his office or market is near, he can walk or use a bicycle, instead of a motor cycle or a car. It will be better policy if the government and private agencies stop giving advance for the purchase of a motor cycle or a car.
  11. He should forget the feeling that he is a Diabetic patient, and mingle with people happily as if nothing has happened. A happy mental attitude towards life reduces tension and he can live without medicines.
  12. A Diabetic patient can take the following fruits:
    (b)Pomegranate with the fiber inside
    (c)Guava in the raw state
    (d)Dates (Daily three only)
  13. The above fruits are to be taken in the morning or evening, before cooked foods or separately.
  14. After exercises and a day’s hard work he should practice relaxation methods. For this he can go to a church or temple according to his faith and surrender before Almighty (surrender his ego). He can practice this from his house as well. Because only by practicing such relaxation, the body will get complete rest.
  15. He can also take Amla (dried or fresh) and sesame seeds two or three times a day.
  16. Ultimately, he should have a positive, healthy, open and caring out look towards life. He should share his feelings with someone he trusts. Because unshared feelings leave an “electro physical residue”, which may be the real cause of most of the diseases of today.

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